Cedar Roofing

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A popular option for coastal homes, and for customers who prefer a more natural and traditional roof option, cedar roofing offers many benefits to homeowner, in addition to its architecturally distinctive look.

Benefits of Cedar Roofing

  • Resistance to the elements: Resistant to moisture, UV Rays, and insect damage, as well as moss.
  • Strength: A very tough and strong wood, cedar is naturally durable with enhances the structural strength of a roof.
  • Sustainability: a “green” option that is biodegradable
  • Investment in your home: A premium option that adds to the resale value of your home that will last for years to come.

Types of Cedar Roofing

As with cedar siding, there are two main types of cedar roofing options

Cedar Shingles:

Cedar shingles have a more tailored, uniform look which are usually smoother, thinner, and sawn down on each side.

Cedar Shake Shingles:

A more rough and rustic look, cedar shakes are hand sawn, with each piece having a more unique shape and size. Cedar shakes add more texture and character to a roof.

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