Slate Roofing

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Offering the highest quality materials, with unparalleled longevity, and natural beauty, slate roofs add a distinctive, timeless look that no other materials can match.

Slate roofing is available in varying thickness and sizes, in beautiful natural colors including gray, green, purple, black, and red. Customers often chose a variety of colors to create beautiful designs on their homes.

Natural slate roofing is highly durable, because of it’s waterproof and non-combustible properties. Due to the longevity of the products, it also makes it a very sustainable product as well.

Things to consider with slate roofing include

  • Structural Integrity of Home- Slate roofing is a much heavier material than asphalt and your home should be evaluated if a slate roof was not previously installed on your roof.
  • Installer- Proper installation is integral to slate’s longevity. Four Seasons specializes in slate roofing and has the proper training and experience to make sure the roof is installed correctly.

Slate Alternatives

Although no other material can truly compare to natural stone, many manufacturers have created other materials that imitate the look and texture of slate.

GAF Slateline®:

Asphalt shingles with bold shadow lines and tapered cut-outs for depth and dimension to create the illusion of slate.

DaVinci Slate:

Composite slate polymer tiles with varying width and color variations blends to match the look and feel of a real slate option.

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